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Perspective and Attitude

So much seems to be perspective and attitude. Definition of Perspective: A mental view or outlook. I noticed that a billionaire gave away 500 Million to charity today. That’s fantastic and I applaud the good that the billionaire will create … Continue reading

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Simple postures for people who sit | Yoga-Ace by AllThingsAce

Simple postures for people who sit | Yoga-Ace by AllThingsAce. I went back to this page (see LINK above) for the inspiration. I sometimes feel so tight and moving is not smooth. Stretching is so healthy for us. I shared … Continue reading

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Put aside your worries, and do something that makes you smile

I enjoy learning every day. Every day I read various blogs and email learning about historical events, inspiring quotes, travel, and even food. One of the blogs that often gives me food for thought is called Rox Does Yoga. by … Continue reading

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Learning on the Net – Yoga and Toastmasters !

After only a little bit of searching I found another yoga blog that I liked, and was encouraged by. . A favorite topic of mine is headstands because there is something special about them. I remember learning by flipping my … Continue reading

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YouTube – Handstands to Bruises by Chairlift with Tara Stiles

I love this youtube video, fun, cheerful, musical and different. I don’t know either the group or song but it’s cool (and I’m ancient). Do you love the music ?   Not ready to try handstands on concrete in New … Continue reading

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Jump! Hurry Hard!

What in the world does Jump have to do with Hurry Hard? ¬†ANSWER; Yoga and Curling. ¬†Maybe I am just strange, okay don’t nod your head so fast. You are going to hurt yourself. I was fortunate to grow up … Continue reading

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