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WDYB – Membership Matters

Today I want to ask you to think about Membership ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ I felt a little bit crazy this morning when I got up at 4:42 A.M.; sunrise wasn’t until 7:34, the house was dark, the floor was cold. Just in … Continue reading

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Autumn and Inspiration from Thomas Iland

The sun was shining yesterday as my wife and I enjoyed a drive in the autumn light. We drove about 30 minutes east so we could visit Keremeos, and a favorite fruit stand. The people there are friendly, we bought … Continue reading

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Sun and Smoke

The Okanagan valley has a little bit of high smoke blowing from the south today, but during the last few days, we have enjoyed some lovely blue days; blue skies and blue water. When out cycling along one of our … Continue reading

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Power of Words – you already have it

Words, we use them every day and think nothing of it. But words can have power. They can encourage, educate, support, slash or inspire. If you are like me, you probably underestimate the effect that your words have on the people … Continue reading

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Jour 14 – Day 14 : Baba and Guido

  ****************************************************************** Today I will share a memory.  When Guido ( my Grandpa) passed, there was a funeral service and then the mourners all went back to their church to have an informal sharing time and some food. There was … Continue reading

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For Better or Worse

For Better or Worse What I say, what you say, our words have an effect on others. Almost daily, I am reminded to be conscious of what I say.  I must not speak too quickly without thinking as I risk … Continue reading

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