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Embrace Your Ugly

Funny thing but on television or in movies I notice that ALL the cars are all shiny, clean, polished even. In real life my car looks either dusty or dirty seconds after I wash it, and never as clean and … Continue reading

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Big News for NHL coaches, We can see you!

  I don’t rant often but now the hockey season is over, I will voice my complaint about hockey.   It’s not the players salaries, it’s not the violence, it’s not the season which almost lasts until July. It’s the … Continue reading

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Not a big fan of SNL but now then they have a winning skit

Like most of TV, most of it is not that memorable but now and then something will make me chuckle. SNL (Saturday Night Live) never was a show I was a follower for, for one thing, way past my bedtime … Continue reading

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