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Farmers Wisdom I can use

Farmers are independent workers.  They are working on large sections of land, miles from nowhere usually. Farmers need to plough (or plow) their fields before they can plant seeds and grow crops. Ploughing is when a tractor pulls a blade … Continue reading

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Time is A’wasting

“We have coffee here” she said, “It’s a waste to go out.” she said, when her husband suggested they go have coffee. “Come on” he persisted, trying to overcome the inertia, feeling restless as he tugged with his eyes. “We’ll … Continue reading

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Fence Sitting hurts, and gets you nowhere

Life is daily decision making. Some are easy, like where where to eat lunch, or deciding on what book to read. Some decision are huge, what career should you follow? Where should you live?  Should I get married? I suppose … Continue reading

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3 REALISTIC Ways to Change Your Diet | Lisa Kilgour, RHN

3 REALISTIC Ways to Change Your Diet | Lisa Kilgour, RHN. I am blogging this Link because I am inspired and impressed. Today I attended a  nutrition presentation by Lisa Kilgour. http://www.eatmorerealfood.com What makes a good presentation? sorry, I mean … Continue reading

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