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Love You and Leave You

My Mom, Lillian, connected to everyone in her life in different ways. She talked regularly on the phone with her many friends, and her family and her way of ending the call was to say “I’m going to love and … Continue reading

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A Day to Remember, A Day to Learn From

It is almost December 7, and that is a day to remember for anyone who has ever visited Hawaii, or any beautiful place like Hawaii is.   Why should December 7, 1941 ¬†be a day to remember, a day to … Continue reading

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The Value of a Friend

It is often said “blood is thicker than water” meaning that family relationships are always more important than friends. My blood relatives are important to me but I certainly have and do appreciate the many good friends I have had … Continue reading

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What the world needs now is…

“Kindness is the language the dumb can speak, the deaf can understand” – C.N. Bovee You have probably heard of “Random Acts of Kindness” – where people practice kindness often demonstrated by doing something unexpected, and kind for a complete … Continue reading

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Youtube Inspiration or From Russia With Love

I had to share this youtube after I watched it. ¬†Perhaps you are like me and you shy away from youtube videos if they are longer than two minutes, or maybe that is just me? I have learned that there … Continue reading

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