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Wisdom comes from many sources, and so does inspiration

What is wisdom? I’m not sure I have any but I know I have loads of experience, some of it mistakes, hopefully not too many repeats in there. But I have learned, and I have observed and I probably know … Continue reading

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Greek Pizza with Feta, Spinach and Olives – Inquiring Chef

Greek Pizza with Feta, Spinach and Olives – Inquiring Chef. I really like this kind of blogger, even though it can make me hungry, it also inspires me! The natural writing style, the friendly voice of the author, the excellent … Continue reading

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This is your life – how are you going to live it?

I have always thought it was rather pretentious, and almost insulting like someone who says to you” that’s nice, but I like to treat myself first class” [?? – and I don’t?] What are they saying? Is it an implication … Continue reading

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Having Passion is the key to Success

You naturally agree if I ask you whether you want to succeed.  Naturally, and easily you agree. But if you have a passion for something then success will automatically follow. The question is how do I develop a passion for … Continue reading

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For A better life, take time to Play

I like to read and so life is balance of updating this blog, reading library books, spending time with family, playing games and always there are the chores of regular life, and maintaining a home. I suspect that some people … Continue reading

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Standing Out or Outstanding!

Some people see more in a walk around the block than others see in a trip around the world.-source unknown This was an week where my health affected me so I could not walk very well and missed going to … Continue reading

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Amy Purdy- Pushing Off Limitations

Amy Purdy. amy-purdy.blogspot.com It must be a day when I have needed inspiration, because everywhere I look I see something speaking to me. Of course, if you visit TED.COM – you will find yourself discovering, much as I have, ideas, and … Continue reading

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