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5-10 Minutes A Day For the Fun of it

I was wondering why comedians like Seinfeld are so successful.  I suspect it is because we are a tad jealous of their ability to let loose, to be over the top. Not only does it seem like a good idea, … Continue reading

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I’m a Stranger here to place called Earth

I imagine no one will believe me when I say I met an alien from another planet sitting in Starbucks. It could have been a dream or was it? A tennis goddess, asked to sit at my table and wanted … Continue reading

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Especially For the Ladies, I know what you love! [ rated PG]

Especially for the ladies, and thank you to twentyfourseveninfrance.wordpress.com for the inspiration! My knowledge (and understanding) of ladies is limited; my wife might say extremely limited. But I do know this, as sure as seagulls like french fries, ladies love … Continue reading

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Driving along singing a song in LA – Buttercup style

Los Angeles (LA) is the city of highways or it seems that way to me. I live in a small city, 7 km (4.3 miles) from the south end to the north end and a beautiful (and different) lake on … Continue reading

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You don’t bat husbands on the head with a rolling pin until later!

This post is all about smiling and chuckling. Enjoy a few minutes of classic humor including some links to some short clips of classic Mel Blanc. Laughter makes you younger, and strengthens your immune system also – enjoy for your … Continue reading

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Stop the day, let’s rewind back and start over

Every day I glide out of bed, smile on my face at 5:30 just before the alarm goes off and I feel refreshed, energized and exuberant to face challenges and daily chores. You think I do?  You neither eh?  Everyone … Continue reading

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No such animal as the Ideal Husband

There is no such animal as the Ideal Husband but there is a play by the same name penned by Oscar Wilde (OW).  Periodically I like to reread OW plays as they are so clever, insightful and humorous.  I am certain everyone … Continue reading

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The Best Medicine of all

There was a time I spent a great number of hours, days, weeks and months in the hospital, for several years in a row. It was long ago now and I was stationed in a hospital room with 3 other … Continue reading

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Don’t try to fix it? But I can fix it!

I really enjoy this video which hits the nail, pardon me,  is right on target on explaining what happens sometimes when guys try to listen. Okay, I don’t have any authority to speak for 2.5 billion guys, I got it. … Continue reading

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What day is it tomorrow?

I couldn’t wait for “hump day” so I played hookey this afternoon instead. A day in the sunshine is never wasted!

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