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Hummingbirds – Lessons in Flight

The little hummingbird, so tiny and quick.  They pack a lot of beauty into their compact bodies, and I am always excited to see them.  I focus right in because one second they are here – then zip!  Gone ! … Continue reading

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Did someone say Cake?

Today is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my kidney transplant on April 24, 2019.  My Life is Changed !  Last year I tried to explain the change to my life in a post four months after my surgery and recovery,  … Continue reading

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At long last – new hope

Dear friends and readers, I wondered what to title this post. My posts became especially irregular after my failing kidney transplant resulted in returning to reliance on dialysis three times a week for five hours to live. What most people … Continue reading

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Embrace Your Ugly

Funny thing but on television or in movies I notice that ALL the cars are all shiny, clean, polished even. In real life my car looks either dusty or dirty seconds after I wash it, and never as clean and … Continue reading

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Refilling the G Quotient

I have blogged about this before, because it really seems practical and useful. Giving thanks, being grateful, and the G Quotient aka Gratitude Quotient in you life may correspond with how happy you feel.Feeling grateful is a fantastic way to … Continue reading

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Stand By Me – Marvin Gaye

This weekend in the USA there was a 640 Million dollar lottery. Who knows how many millions of tickets were sold, but the statistics are amazing, and I am sure there were a lot of Canadians who travelled down to … Continue reading

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