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It may be humble, but for me it’s home

This blog post will be about where I live. It is also an invitation from me to tell me about where you live, your city. Most of my readers have never been to my little spot on earth, and I … Continue reading

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Assignment 1 – Blogging 101

This is my first assignment in Blogging 101.  Why? you say are doing an assignment after three years of blogging. Why? Why not? It’s the first blogging course I’ve ever taken and it’s always good to prime the pump. Assignment … Continue reading

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Children and Women need the Spotlight

The children and women who need the spotlight are the millions and millions around the world who are virtual or real slaves in the sweatshops that exist primarily in third world countries. One of the things I like about Toastmasters … Continue reading

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How I broke my hand in 1974

A very long time ago now, I was in grade 10 and I went to Vancouver Technical High School in East Vancouver, B.C.  Our class had the opportunity to raise money to travel across Canada and visit 3 cities. We … Continue reading

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Like Music & Recycling – Mozart from Garbage

I was totally impressed by the music these kids create with recycled materials. This band is from the country of Paraguay, – just peek your eyes to the right to see where it is in South America.   Ok, you … Continue reading

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Salty Breeze, Sunsets, and Parksville

Our friends, Klaus & Kamla, shared their holiday in Parksville, B.C. this year with Sue & I.  We had a great time. We met them on the BC ferry in Tsawassen and crossed over to Nanaimo.   The ferry in Nanaimo … Continue reading

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Canadians love laughing at themselves

Canadians love laughing at themselves.  If you watch or listen to Canadian comedy usually the biggest laughs are when we laugh with each other at ourselves. Across this wide, huge country of ours we embrace the differences from Victoria BC … Continue reading

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Canada Day – True Patriot Love

July 1, Canada Day.  All across Canada people in Canada celebrate July 1.  Some are celebrating because they get an extra day off work. Some are celebrating because of the special events in their cities and towns. The big party, … Continue reading

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I have never heard of your little town

I have already done one post on this theme. That previous post was https://dfolstad58.wordpress.com/2012/06/01/a-summer-day-where-i-live/ I am back with part two because my dear readers may live in another part of the world, or another part of Canada and so this tiny city … Continue reading

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Friends are precious

Friends are precious. They laugh at your jokes, even when it isn’t that funny and laughter is important; life and your health should always include lots of smiles and laughter. I consider myself very fortunate to have friends that put … Continue reading

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