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Just Breathe,

I went to my front yard this morning and the cactus are flowering,  and it reminded me of good advice. Cactus are a hardy plant, and live in sometimes the worst conditions but they hang in there and manage to … Continue reading

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Make That “Some Day” Today

I procrastinate.  I can take a long time to get something accomplished,  and some things I won’t put off at all and they are usually fairly inconsequential. I think everyone has a “Some Day I will” in them,  they know … Continue reading

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Take 120 Seconds to Unplug

Seize A Moment to be Still Stop reading, planning, doing…. just for two minutes. Seize a Moment and be Still Are you mindful, or mindless of the moments slipping away? Can you taste the food that you are chewing or … Continue reading

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