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Sailing against the wind

For months now I have had trouble finding the words I wanted to share and missing the encouragement from readers of my blog when I write more regularly. As readers are aware, my kidney transplant from 1987 lasted until September … Continue reading

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A Day to Remember, A Day to Learn From

It is almost December 7, and that is a day to remember for anyone who has ever visited Hawaii, or any beautiful place like Hawaii is.   Why should December 7, 1941  be a day to remember, a day to … Continue reading

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Ladies blog topics – Millions! Men bloggers, not so much.

Friendly reader, are you surprised by my statement that women have it way easier having ideas to blog about. Perhaps you disagree? You think it is equal or even that men have it easier. I beg to differ. You see women … Continue reading

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Why do you Blog?

Why do you blog? I am asked. Thanks for asking. I blog for many reasons, and possibly for reasons I don’t even know or understand. Confusing, yes but I think it is true. I like to try to do what I … Continue reading

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Blogging is like losing weight

Not that I have lots of experience at losing weight, but I think blogging is like losing weight. The temptation when you are dieting is to check the weigh scales too often, then you berate yourself because you haven’t lost … Continue reading

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Balloons & Whistles – over 10,000 views! (big grin)

I have been busy with getting a speech ready for tomorrow for Toastmasters, and reading the parallel story of Enders Game. Today I logged in and saw I had over 10,000 views. I am so thankful to the readers, and … Continue reading

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