A friend

For the last few days I have been thinking about how we define ourselves. Dad, brother, doctor, cowboy, nerd and as much as I try to avoid labels there is one I would wear with pride.
Friend. That’s it, a reliable sincere friend is the badge I would like.

As I posted before, someday all that will be left will be the stories. They won’t be stories about my career accomplishments, or how I was a good husband doing chores no one noticed, but I hope there will be stories of how I met unasked needs, how I listened, how I phoned regularly when people had busy lives.
An unforgettable Friend, maybe the best definition for a life.

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity


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Ukrainian Borsht for Sultana

In addition to the memories my Baba gave me and the lessons she taught me about standing up for myself, and having good manners; Baba also enjoyed cooking for her family.
This is a wonderful blog I happened across today with a recipe for the soup that reminds me of my Baba, and also the writer provides fascinating history I had never heard before.
If it is cold where you are, or if you need some wholesome delicious soup to warm your body and soul, knitting them together with wholesome soup, then enjoy this blog, and make some soup.


Nobody seems to know where the word borscht came from. The best guess is that it is a combination of schti (Russian cabbage soup) and buryak (beetroot in Ukrainian).  It is first mentioned in the legend about the two-month siege of the Ukrainian fortress Rohatyn by the Crimean offshoot of the Turkish army in the beginning of the sixteenth century. Trying to feed several hundreds of hungry people, including women and children, the Cossacks, defenders of the fortress, collected every edible vegetable (root vegetables, as it was winter) and put them into meat broth. When they ran out of meat, they went vegan and kept cooking only vegetables: carrots, potatoes, beets, cabbage, and beans. It was warm and filling, and it sustained the population for two months. Unfortunately, the defense was broken, Rohatyn was taken, and many captives were transported to a slave market in Constantinople.


Among those captives was…

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Live Life. Pass it On – Register to be an Organ Donor

This blog post is 5 years old. Since I wrote this more people have been added to the list than transplants have been donated. More people waiting than ever, and some dying on the list.
More personal to me I have been educated on how being a living donor surgery has improved light years. Safer, and quick recovery for donors and strength and stamina unaffected.
A local mom with 4 kids donated anonymously years ago and doing swell! A local accountant donated to his wife and doing so well he did the Ironman triathlon afterwards.
A local dad donated for his 23 year old son and is feeling no different except for the amazing feeling of saving his son’s life, he describes it as a gift, and opportunity of a lifetime.
Would you save someone’s life if you knew could without endangering yourself?
Someone is hoping and praying you are answering this question yes, and taking action.

Life and Random Thinking

Did you know that you you can register to be an Organ Donor ONLINE? 

Need a reason to donate your organs? 

Here’s 5 Reasons.

1. You have the potential to save sevenlives.

2. There’s a greater chance that you will one day need an organ transplant than  there is of you ever being an organ donor.

 3. Survival rates of transplant patients continue to improve, providing recipients with an extended and high quality of life.

4. It takes seconds to register your decision online at   transplant.bc.ca. 

5. You want to make a difference.

There are more than 350 British Columbians currently waiting
for a second chance. Stop the wait. Registering for organ
donation takes seconds at transplant.bc.ca

85% of BC residents have intentions to register but only 17% have taken the time to do so.

PLEASE take a few minutes to make a difference and ultimately save a…

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Shared from WordPress – another overlooked post asking the question “will anybody like me?”

Greetings, Hello, Hi There – http://wp.me/p19pY3-4r

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Mona Lisa

Looking back this was a post published six years ago but it received no likes or comments. I edited it for 2016 and removedo the youtube link to nat King Cole singing Mona Lisa but if want to enjoy that song use this link https://youtu.be/EG-A_qTAKEI

Life and Random Thinking

Google image

Sunset or dawn ~ I guess it depends on your perspective.  2016 is facing it’s sunset but the 2017 year is fast approaching dawn.

2012-01-23 13.42.46 winter scene along Okanagan lake

For some it has been a year of celebrations, graduation, new milestones and for an equal portion it has been a year of challenges, and disappointment.  For most, I hope, it has been a year full of lessons, and real joyful times.

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.
Mark Twain

As I begin each year I do so with the intent to do more.  I will try to be more free with compliments and smiles, frugal in my complaints and criticisms.

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Reality is a breath of fresh air 

Certainly I love palm trees, and ocean waves but right now it’s winter, officially so in a few days, and I prefer reality.

There was a period, long ago, when I was unable to enjoy fresh breezes, and sunlight due to an extended period of illness. I gained in many ways from the experience, including an appreciation of fresh outdoor air, no matter the temperature.

I confess when the wind is blowing I do hesitate but after venturing out I am invariably thankful I have because the fresh air brings the attributes of being alive to me because I am able to choose to be outside.

Yesterday my walk was with my son David , I thought I would share a glimpse of our walk along Okanagan lake in minus 13. No wind, yeah😎

All the seasons are great, but this one must be conquered before you love it.

Thanks for visiting!

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I am, but I’m not

This gallery contains 6 photos.

Originally posted on Life and Random Thinking:
It’s nice when you can get them, meals that is. I am only part Hobbit I suspect, the part that likes second breakfasts. When you get up early like I tend to do,…

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What Sparks your memories?

This is from the category favorite posts, Christmas is a time of sparks, do you not agree?

Life and Random Thinking

Our minds are interesting organs. They retain our memories including poems we learned in school, songs we sang along with the radio (wrong lyrics and all).  I will be listening to a song I haven’t heard for decades but my brain can still revive the memories so I can sing along.

I was thinking of memory sparks today. Memory sparks are anything that makes you think of a certain person, song, or event. 

 donutOne spark for me is donuts, and it doesn’t matter what kind of donut either. When I see a donut I remember Jelly Bellies – it was small outlet under the Bentall Centre in Vancouver. The memory is myself and my Dad laughing at the name as we did our lunchtime stroll through the tunnel under the building. We laughed a lot on our walks and most of the time it didn’t seem to take much…

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Happiness is …..

If you go to Google Images and type in “Happiness Is” – you will see that Happiness is many things.

poppy-seed-muffinAs I sat enjoying a lemon poppy seed muffin (or 2) this morning, I realized that this also could be a “Happiness Is” moment. Really good!

But I realized that it was really a combination of many things that made me feel happiness.

The peacefulness in my life sure helps despite my personal health trials and concerns. The love and support from family and friends is certainly a factor. I also contribute some happiness to consciously trying to cultivate a feeling of being content despite the media pressure to buy, upgrade and consume.

There are many temptations advertised but instead of going shopping, I am going to seek simpler and less expensive pleasures, like enjoying the beautiful snow outside. It is too cold to make snowmen and the cold keeps the snow light like a feather.

snowflakeA snowflake can land on your sleeve and if your eyes are quick you can pick out the amazing design on that snowflake.

Despite the nuttiness of people during black friday sales, and the frustration of trying to find parking in malls, underneath it all there is the desire to slow down, unplug, and just relax and be together.

Ahh, maybe that is the true zenith of Happiness, being relaxed with those closest to your heart.heart snow

Happiness is really about that, being together, connecting with those that you really, really care about.

togetherHappiness is many things, big and small, including counting our blessings every day.

One more thing to share – I watched an amazing Ted X talk by Robert Waldinger.

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it’s fame and money, you’re not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you’re mistaken. As the director of a 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life. It is about 12 minutes long, and he is also an amazing speaker.

Regarding what is Happiness? – he has another answer, one that I think is worth your time. To watch & listen click here 

Thank YOU for reading, please comment or like, and all suggestions are welcome.


Pictures are courtesy of Google Images. 



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Chapter 5 – Skywalker : My treat

Sophie stepped out of her car and into the light as the cyclist approached, she was striking to see with her military posture, flawless skin and her face and slips just slightly damp from the light misty rain.

The cyclist approached steadily, and his right hand reached for the brake as he saw Sophie standing close to his path. Satisfied it was safe to proceed he started past her silent figure, but then shuddered to a stop when he applied his wet brakes. Twisting his head back at her, he then walked his bike toward her.

Sophie watched him stand up his bike, take off his helmet and run his fingers through his flattened bike-head hair. Luke grinned at her, and his eyes shone.

Standing there along a bike path, in the light rain they looked at each other. Sophie trying to piece what her mother Stella had told her with this soggy cyclist who seemed to be gathering his courage to speak.

Excuse me, not to be weird or anything but I think I know you, not know you exactly but know who you are.

Sophie assumed the wonder woman stance, hands on her hips, her mind slightly stunned- Do you? 

 Is your name Sophie? A friend of mine talked about her daughter Sophie and you look like.. His eyes seemed to be beg her to agree.

Sophie nodded, he was right and her face seemed to lighten up, her brow relaxed and a slight smile surprised herself.

Luke was obviously relieved and his strong arms lifted her off the ground as he hugged her intensely. Faces almost touching, he looked into her eyes grinning with white teeth.  Sophie !, he repeated,

Sophie !  I am so pumped, uh I mean so happy to meet you. I was a friend of your Mom, Stella. I took care of her. I miss her and she loved you so much. She wanted us to be friends.  Can we talk? have coffee?  Can I give you my phone number?  Luke’s words just tumbled out.

This definitely was the Skywalker that her Mom wrote about, he was handsome, energetic and sincere. Sophie hoped she had found someone she could trust.

This time it was Sophie who stepped into  Luke, surprising him with the need and intensity of her hug.It seemed right, and neither of them broke apart. Standing there in the light rain, for the first time in a very long time, both of them breathed deep, slowly and easy.

coffee shopSophie finally pushed him back, smiled – come on Luke, I need to talk to you too, put your bike in the back of my car and let’s go.

 I understand you like to coffee.  I know just the place, my treat. 




Down the street,  a man stood in the shade of tree watching their embrace.  He stood completely still, his nostrils slightly flaring, dark eyes hardening.

Then he spun around and climbed into his car. He tapped the wheel lightly, impatiently,  and then he drove away,  his binoculars glistening wetly on the passenger seat.






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