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Tea for 75, Invitation to join us

Hello to my fellow bloggers, and blog readers. It is a gusty cool day in the Okanagan today and on days like this I like a cup of tea in a china mug.  The hot water goes in the cup, … Continue reading

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Shared from WordPress

You Sunk My Battleship – When I was a child, I had black eyes and close calls just like most kids of my generation. As kids we were oblivious to everything our parents did for us, as it should … Continue reading

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Something to Ponder

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Originally posted on fourth generation farmgirl:
Before Christmas, I read an article along the lines of self-empowerment and jotted down some highlights that made an impression.  I know I’ve heard much of this advice at one time or another, but…

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In My Life, There are Moments

Thanks for visiting my blog, I have been remiss in regular posts for awhile, I apologize. When things are happening I pull into my shell a bit. I will likely post some information about Live Kidney Donors in the near … Continue reading

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Analysis of Donald Trump’s Inaugural Address

Originally posted on Manner of Speaking:
On 20 July 2017, Donald John Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. He takes office at the end of the most acrimonious campaigns in recent history, and with…

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Shared from WordPress – Reflections with nature

DEER BAY – This is one of my favorite blogs. Included in this post is a YouTube by the author and he shares his thoughts as he sits in the cold cold reflecting Waters of deer Bay. I hope … Continue reading

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A friend

Originally posted on Momentary Lapse Of Sanity:
For the last few days I have been thinking about how we define ourselves. Dad, brother, doctor, cowboy, nerd and as much as I try to avoid labels there is one I would wear with pride. Friend. That’s it, a … Continue reading

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Ukrainian Borsht for Sultana

Originally posted on koolkosherkitchen:
Nobody seems to know where the word borscht came from. The best guess is that it is a combination of schti (Russian cabbage soup) and buryak (beetroot in Ukrainian).  It is first mentioned in the legend…

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Live Life. Pass it On – Register to be an Organ Donor

Originally posted on Life and Random Thinking:
Did you know that you you can register to be an Organ Donor ONLINE?  Need a reason to donate your organs?  Here’s 5 Reasons. 1. You have the potential to save seven lives.…

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Shared from WordPress – another overlooked post asking the question “will anybody like me?”

Greetings, Hello, Hi There –

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