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On Alert – An Update after the wind storm

Welcome back to “Life and Random Thinking,” I appreciate your visit. In my previous post “On Alert” I shared the apprehension the whole city of Penticton was feeling as we faced the 70 kilometre winds blowing from the south on … Continue reading

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On Alert

As the summer of 2020 progressed the hope that this would be a summer without forest fires grew, but our hopes were dashed in the last week. Sadly, although the end of summer seemed in sight, forest fires are now … Continue reading

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Wayne & Hepburn – Originals Forever

Thanks for visiting “Life and Random Thinking” – My blog isn’t usually about movies per se, and neither is today’s post.  The old movies focused on interaction between the movie characters, and dialogue.  There weren’t “green screens” but those movies … Continue reading

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Grasping for the Answer

Thank you for your interest in my blog. Today I have a question and I need your help to know the answer. I know you have other things to do in your life besides reading blog posts.  I am worrying … Continue reading

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Did someone say Cake?

Today is my ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my kidney transplant on April 24, 2019.  My Life is Changed !  Last year I tried to explain the change to my life in a post four months after my surgery and recovery,  … Continue reading

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Jour 7 – Day 7, There’s a Hole In my Sidewalk

To begin – Welcome and a couple pictures of life from today in my little city. Just thinking out loud: My Life in Five Chapters – Portia Nelson;   I memorized this one page “Five Chapter” lesson (poem?)   It is about … Continue reading

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