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July 1 was extra special this year

  July 1 is Canada Day, ironically I am writing this on July 4 which is USA’s national day. Allow me to say that over the years of travels to the United States, and interactions with some fellow bloggers in … Continue reading

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Welcome to my world again

I thought it would be a good idea to move some pictures from my phone to my blog and voila, today’s post. I bumped into a friend and he asked me what have I been up to, and this is … Continue reading

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Reality is a breath of fresh airĀ 

Certainly I love palm trees, and ocean waves but right now it’s winter, officially so in a few days, and I prefer reality. There was a period, long ago, when I was unable to enjoy fresh breezes, and sunlight due … Continue reading

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It may be humble, but for me it’s home

This blog post will be about where I live. It is also an invitation from me to tell me about where you live, your city. Most of my readers have never been to my little spot on earth, and I … Continue reading

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Animals two by two – line up!

The skies opened up yesterday and a waterfall fell from the clouds. Crashes of thunder, flashes of lightning – the full meal deal! I was rooting for a good rain, but not the full house, royal flush I was dealt … Continue reading

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All Emergency vehicles responded

I look at the headlines around the world and I feel fortunate. There are no terrorist concerns in my hamlet sitting between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake like the jelly in a jelly donut. In fact I feel peaceful as … Continue reading

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Fly like an Eagle over where I live

Included in this post is a youtube created, splendid job too, by a local who is keen about sharing this beautiful valley he loves. Bravo Luke ! (applause) The viewpoint is from an eagle with the camera in his claws, … Continue reading

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Same Place, Different Time

I walk in Okanagan Park regularly. It’s a beautiful little park at the north end of my city where the city butts up against Okanagan Lake; 150 miles of wonderful lake. The south end of Penticton is about 9 kilometres … Continue reading

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2015 – Time to plunge in

2015 has arrived for us all, whether we drag our heels, kicking and stomping or whether we dive in wholeheartedly with anticipation to improve, heal, or attain. plunge (the definition) – it’s a verbĀ  jump or dive quickly and energetically. … Continue reading

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