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Sashay on by

I was inspired by another blogger today to post some photos. Thank you A recent post of his made me chuckle and he posted some pictures from his neighborhood walk, you may want to visit and check it out. … Continue reading

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Just Standing There – Part Two

This is part two, see part one by  clicking here.  In the movies, couples destined to be together have no obstacles, but real life wasn’t that way, or at least not for Alan and Mary. After that first glance, Alan … Continue reading

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Just Standing there, and I’m a believer

Allan wasn’t old enough  to really complain of a broken heart.  He wasn’t feeling hopeless, and he had happy memories with the girlfriends he had had. The funk he was feeling possibly was because he was a romantic and expected … Continue reading

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Love You and Leave You

My Mom, Lillian, connected to everyone in her life in different ways. She talked regularly on the phone with her many friends, and her family and her way of ending the call was to say “I’m going to love and … Continue reading

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Forgotten treasure

  In the hallway of my house is a box with thousands of old pictures. Treasure I walked past without thinking. This week my son took a day to go through some of those, and we shared the treasure of … Continue reading

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Living in the Splendour of the Moment

I sat down to enjoy reading a book the other day and I caught myself also turning on the television. I caught myself and I realized that I was trying to multitask reading which stunned me and disappointed me. It … Continue reading

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