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Live Life. Pass it On – Register to be an Organ Donor

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Did you know that you you can register to be an Organ Donor ONLINE?  Need a reason to donate your organs?  Here’s 5 Reasons. 1. You have the potential to save seven lives.…

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Shared from WordPress – another overlooked post asking the question “will anybody like me?”

Greetings, Hello, Hi There –

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Mona Lisa

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Google image Sunset or dawn ~ I guess it depends on your perspective.  2016 is facing it’s sunset but the 2017 year is fast approaching dawn. winter scene along Okanagan lake For some…

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Reality is a breath of fresh air 

Certainly I love palm trees, and ocean waves but right now it’s winter, officially so in a few days, and I prefer reality. There was a period, long ago, when I was unable to enjoy fresh breezes, and sunlight due … Continue reading

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I am, but I’m not

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It’s nice when you can get them, meals that is. I am only part Hobbit I suspect, the part that likes second breakfasts. When you get up early like I tend to do,…

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What Sparks your memories?

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Our minds are interesting organs. They retain our memories including poems we learned in school, songs we sang along with the radio (wrong lyrics and all).  I will be listening to a song…

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Happiness is …..

If you go to Google Images and type in “Happiness Is” – you will see that Happiness is many things. As I sat enjoying a lemon poppy seed muffin (or 2) this morning, I realized that this also could be … Continue reading

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Chapter 5 – Skywalker : My treat

Sophie stepped out of her car and into the light as the cyclist approached, she was striking to see with her military posture, flawless skin and her face and lips just slightly damp from the light misty rain. The cyclist … Continue reading

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A Day to Remember, A Day to Learn From

It is almost December 7, and that is a day to remember for anyone who has ever visited Hawaii, or any beautiful place like Hawaii is.   Why should December 7, 1941  be a day to remember, a day to … Continue reading

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