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How to Let Go of Yesterday

Moving forward. Sometimes an event happens that changes our lives. We can’t help but revisit the event as if we could change it but we know it is done, history now in a sense. No matter how unfair or unjust, … Continue reading

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It’s not a joke, maybe :)

I’m going to admit something, I’m not ashamed, it’s a fact ~ I’m a procrastinator. I’ve put off being honest about it, too long. I guess I was procrastinating 🙂 When I watch TV they often have ads for drugs … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Afraid to Make the Cut.

Originally posted on spearfruit:
Every fall, in our garden and our yard, some plants require cutting back.  Some are cut back to the ground to protect them from the cold winter that will be approaching soon. Image Provided by:…

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Too Much Make Believe

I planted grass in my back yard nearly a week ago. Not sod. I threw an abundance of grass seed and covered it with lawn soil and then I did a little jig before I watered it, hoping the grass … Continue reading

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Take a Leap

One of the problems with growing up, besides just about everything, is you forget how to just do things without thinking about it too much. As a youngster, I just did things. Swam, jumped, somersaulted,  and bike rode without giving … Continue reading

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All Emergency vehicles responded

I look at the headlines around the world and I feel fortunate. There are no terrorist concerns in my hamlet sitting between Okanagan Lake and Skaha Lake like the jelly in a jelly donut. In fact I feel peaceful as … Continue reading

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