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Stuck on the freeway? Serenade time Buttercup !

I wasn’t “sitting on the dock of bay”, and I wasn’t stuck on a freeway either but I was serenaded by this sweet tune, that reminded me of a viral youtube video. So I checked it out, how many people … Continue reading

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Ladies blog topics – Millions! Men bloggers, not so much.

Friendly reader, are you surprised by my statement that women have it way easier having ideas to blog about. Perhaps you disagree? You think it is equal or even that men have it easier. I beg to differ. You see women … Continue reading

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Leonardo Da Vinci – The Risk Taker

Originally posted on Life and Random Thinking:
Finding time and inspiration is all it takes to do blogging. Sometimes I have neither, and other times I enjoy one and not the other.  Then I have inspiring thoughts which, in the…

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Especially For the Ladies, I know what you love! [ rated PG]

Especially for the ladies, and thank you to for the inspiration! My knowledge (and understanding) of ladies is limited; my wife might say extremely limited. But I do know this, as sure as seagulls like french fries, ladies love … Continue reading

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The best of Salty Fresh Air and Photography

This is not my scenery today. Today I am surrounded by smoke, in fact I have been for 24 hours.  Many places in BC, Washington, and California are dealing with second hand smoke of the worst kind; forest fires. Sadly … Continue reading

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We all need that someone

We all need that someone, that one person that makes us feel like we’re the most important person. When I was a kid, I would go to the outdoor swimming pool by the PNE with my Dad.  I played a … Continue reading

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Three Life Practices from a Four-Star General

Originally posted on Manner of Speaking:
Stanley McChrystal is a retired United States Army General. Former Secretary of Defence Robert Gates has described him as “perhaps the finest warrior and leader of men in combat I (have) ever met”. His last…

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Fly like an Eagle over where I live

Included in this post is a youtube created, splendid job too, by a local who is keen about sharing this beautiful valley he loves. Bravo Luke ! (applause) The viewpoint is from an eagle with the camera in his claws, … Continue reading

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How do you eat an elephant?

No, I’m absolutely not proposing a new kind of Atkins diet where you eat elephants. Yuck! It’s a metaphor for accomplishing a big task. The answer is in small bites(and probably chew thoroughly)   🙂 Really what I am talking … Continue reading

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