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A proud dad thinks back five years ago

My beautiful daughter Mandy has nearly been married five years!  I was reminded today of the fun and laughter at the reception when her husband Tyler and his buddies from school were all lip syncing to the Backstreet Boys.  They … Continue reading

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Driving along singing a song in LA – Buttercup style

Los Angeles (LA) is the city of highways or it seems that way to me. I live in a small city, 7 km (4.3 miles) from the south end to the north end and a beautiful (and different) lake on … Continue reading

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I left the house naked, and survived !

Alright, I exaggerate a tad – writer’s do that. But I did leave the house, and I did leave my smartphone behind. Gadzooks you say! You might imagine yourself in the same situation,  you have left your home, and you … Continue reading

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You Deserve A Time Out – challenge

A Time out sounds like a punishment.  Not at all.  In fact it is an opportunity to reflect, to gain perspective, perhaps take a moment measure where you are and which path to take. Time to uncuff your mind for … Continue reading

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Salad–Hold the Lettuce!

Originally posted on The Sweet and Savory Bite:
You’ve been living a lie. You do not need to put lettuce of any type in your salad! Try this chopped salad for a refreshing change of pace! Ingredients: 1/2 red, orange…

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YOUR JOY!. I love seeing pictures of people jumping for joy.  Happiness that cannot be bottled up, it expresses itself in vertical leaps. Children leap, skip, and splash about in life. May I unbottle my inner child, and laugh, breathe, … Continue reading

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Never too Heavy — to float above it all.

Originally posted on Live & Learn:
“The photo is taken near Andaman islands while diving with a unique elephant, who likes to swim in the sea. It is one of the brightest experiences I’ve ever had.” ((Mike Korostelev) Don’t miss…

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The Song that makes you think about life

The song that makes you think has to be “Both Sides Now” by Joni Mitchell. Most readers probably are unfamiliar with this beautiful, but slightly melancholy song that looks at life from both sides. As you get older you start … Continue reading

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Take 120 Seconds to Unplug

Seize A Moment to be Still Stop reading, planning, doing…. just for two minutes. Seize a Moment and be Still Are you mindful, or mindless of the moments slipping away? Can you taste the food that you are chewing or … Continue reading

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I’m fighting and losing the battle plus an Amazing Swim Party

I’m fighting and losing the battle, I’m turning into Mr. Wilson from Dennis the Menace – albeit slowly. I’m not there yet but I can see it coming, I want peace and quiet, and easy listening music! But the little … Continue reading

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