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The Power of Positive Thinking

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My nephew Sam brought his wife and son to visit our ranch. Kingsley, Sam’s little boy, was barely three, but already a very good talker with an impressive vocabulary and clear pronunciation. I offered…

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You don’t have 180 sec to watch? Yes you do. Yes you do.

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Blogging 101 – About, Renewed and Recharged just in time for 2015

It felt weird but good to do my blogging 101 homework today which was to do an “About” page for my blog. Now I had an “About” page which probably hasn’t changed much for three years so instead of inventing … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Welcome to Tofino Photography:
Lots of photography blogs out there, and many of them are very noteworthy. This blog is exceptional in my opinion for nature and scenery shots, outstanding. Welcome to Tofino Photography View original post

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In The Meadow, We Can Build A Fashionable Snowman

Originally posted on The Return of the Modern Philosopher:
Lewis stared at his creation, and then over at his date. While Gretchen was, by far, the more attractive of the two, he could not keep his eyes off of the…

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Same Place, Different Time

I walk in Okanagan Park regularly. It’s a beautiful little park at the north end of my city where the city butts up against Okanagan Lake; 150 miles of wonderful lake. The south end of Penticton is about 9 kilometres … Continue reading

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No. 1 Regret in Life

Although we are all different in many ways, we are similar also. Men or Women, children of all ages, we want the approval of others concerning of our choices in life. This leads to the No. 1 Regret in Life. … Continue reading

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Assignment Number Two – Change Title and Tagline

Ouch, I took a long time to do this assignment. My previous Title and Tagline I had had for three years. So I took a good look at my old Title – Notes from A Place to Live Forever. I suppose it … Continue reading

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Assignment 1 – Blogging 101

This is my first assignment in Blogging 101.  Why? you say are doing an assignment after three years of blogging. Why? Why not? It’s the first blogging course I’ve ever taken and it’s always good to prime the pump. Assignment … Continue reading

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New York City’s First Cat Café: Meow Parlour

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Meow Parlour, New York City’s first cat café which opened less than a month ago, is everything a cat lover has ever dreamt of. What is a cat café?   Cat cafés originally started in Asia in…

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