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Happiness is a response

Happiness is a warm puppy Charles Schultz said, and in a sense he was right. But what is a warm puppy to you? I think for most part we are all people people, meaning that we are happiest when we … Continue reading

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Top Ten Ways You KNOW You’re a Texan

Originally posted on Texana's Kitchen:
So, the top ten ways to know that you are a Texan are thus: 10.  It is February, you’re A/C is running. In fact, you’re A/C runs every day, except for 12 minutes in…

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Savannah’s Tiny Cottages: Total Charm in 300 Square Feet

Originally posted on GALLIVANCE:
I’ve had a lifelong fascination with tiny abodes. Tree houses, gypsy wagons, log cabins, and Airstream Bambis have all sparked my imagination over the years. When we lived in London I discovered Ikea and was totally…

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Pho Thai

Originally posted on Cooking with a Wallflower:
Vietnamese pho noodles in Thai spicy and sour soup with shrimp, mushrooms, and refreshing basil, a quick and easy recipe for a cold dreary day. Vietnamese pho + Thai Tom Yum = Pho…

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Beach Cruise – Part TWO

After I wrote my post “Tourist Town” I decided to act as your roving reporter and take some pictures on your behalf. Click on the images to enlarge ! 🙂 It was a wonderful weekend for the Beach Cruise event, … Continue reading

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Tourist in your own Town

The town where I live relies on events, events and volunteers, to entice tourists to our beautiful spot. It is a lovely city, nestled in a valley, two different lakes at each end,  you can walk the length of the … Continue reading

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Tennis is not the only place where Serve is Important

A lot of people, myself included, are watching the French Open, which is an annual tennis tournament in France. Voila! As you watch the competitors you notice many things, that they towel their face a great deal, there are a … Continue reading

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