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Wisdom comes from many sources, and so does inspiration

What is wisdom? I’m not sure I have any but I know I have loads of experience, some of it mistakes, hopefully not too many repeats in there. But I have learned, and I have observed and I probably know … Continue reading

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I am, but I’m not

It’s nice when you can get them, meals that is. I am only part Hobbit I suspect, the part that likes second breakfasts. When you get up early like I tend to do,  and eat about 7 AM, on and … Continue reading

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Yet our useless fascination goes on

Originally posted on Live & Learn:
In this age of the quantified self, we measure how many hours we slept, steps we took, calories we burned. Yet we know nothing about ourselves. We spend more time checking-in to our stats…

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Pets, the critters get under the skin, lucky us

When I was a young tyke, my family lived in a small town, Quesnel, BC.  It seems a kind of Mayberry and that would make me Opie I suppose.  (are you whistling the theme song “the fishing hole yet? ) … Continue reading

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Parents: Lung capacity is key when choosing an inflatable toy

Originally posted on Ned's Blog:
(Because I am still off the grid and out of air from inflating water toys over the weekend, I am offering this re-post from the archives as a warning to parents as they kick…

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Only two words

Originally posted on Life and Random Thinking:
This post started in grade 12. I went to Burnaby North High School.  Sitting around talking with my closest friends; we challenged each other to find only two words to describe each other.…

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Fence Sitting hurts, and gets you nowhere

Life is daily decision making. Some are easy, like where where to eat lunch, or deciding on what book to read. Some decision are huge, what career should you follow? Where should you live?  Should I get married? I suppose … Continue reading

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We shouldn’t be surprised when it happens, we should expect it

A few minutes ago I was relaxing reading another Stuart Woods novel, I’m going through those books like free drinks at an all inclusive resort.  But I digress,  the phone rings and a polite voice asks for me, and once … Continue reading

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Optimist or Pessimist – which are you?

The story goes that psychologists doing a study picked two boys, one a pessimist and the other an optimist. They put the pessimist in a room filled with toys all wrapped up. In no time at all he had opened … Continue reading

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Letting Go Of The Trivial

Originally posted on BASE girl:
triv·i·al ˈtrivēəl/ adjective  1.of little value or importance. That is the literal definition of trivial. Most people place so much additional importance on small things that at the end of the day, or in the big picture,…

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