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Add or Subtract?

I wonder what it is about  wasting time that to me is scary.  So valuable, yet so easily wasted, so easily slipping through my fingers.  I did an inventory and realized that daily there are some things I want to … Continue reading

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Stop the day, let’s rewind back and start over

Every day I glide out of bed, smile on my face at 5:30 just before the alarm goes off and I feel refreshed, energized and exuberant to face challenges and daily chores. You think I do?  You neither eh?  Everyone … Continue reading

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Four valuable life lessons reinforced by my running shoes

Four Lessons I ascribe to, plus well written! Running is even more fun when you don’t have saber toothed carnivores breathing right behind you.

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Swimming in the Rain, part of life

In my late teens I lived in North Burnaby, BC, and there was an outdoor pool where I went swimming.  It rains year round in Vancouver, not constantly, just year round.  The times I liked to go swimming the best … Continue reading

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If you could read my mind,

Telepathy, sounds pretty cool eh?  Really, really? How much honesty do you think you could take? Remember if you can read their mind, I assume fair play insists they can read yours. Dangerous waters,  and pretty quick we’d give up … Continue reading

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No such animal as the Ideal Husband

There is no such animal as the Ideal Husband but there is a play by the same name penned by Oscar Wilde (OW).  Periodically I like to reread OW plays as they are so clever, insightful and humorous.  I am certain everyone … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Resolution – To Get A Divorce

A friend shared that she got together with her girlfriends and they were all playing with electronic devices, she had been looking forward to that time with them, NOT their devices. The most precious gift we have to share is … Continue reading

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The Secret to Achievement is ….

You could be different from me, and be a total achiever. You decide you want to do something, you figure out the steps, and then you do it. Every time. might be a person who has visions of what … Continue reading

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Positive Living from Negatives

Most lives will have some negative , how we see it will effect a lot .📝

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It’s been a long hard day, and I’ve been working like a dog

Have you had a long hard day? or do you just like this song and recognized it right away? Did you start to sing it and did you smile?  This post  is dedicated to my lovely wife, Sue. She puts in … Continue reading

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