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Top 14 Physical and Psychological Benefits of Meditation

Originally posted on The Happsters:
Hi Happsters! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately! I hope you’ve been as happy as ever! Today I wanted to share some fascinating meditation facts with you. If you’ve never tried before, I highly suggest giving…

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What does it take to be wise?

What does it take to be wise?  Is it? Read Calvin and Hobbes faithfully and meditate Mars bars and Caesar salad learn from your mistakes learn from other peoples mistakes That’s what is tough about multiple choice, they’re tricky, and … Continue reading

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Be like a child, dive in

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According to my memory, there was never (as a child) a lake that was too cold to run into, usually with gusto, about 10 steps, and then a horizontal dive under the cool cool water.   The decision as a … Continue reading

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Oregon 2.0

Originally posted on Everywhere Once:
Long before we set off for Europe, we needed to drive the RV south before winter set in. After journeying up the atmospheric Oregon coast in the spring and a stop in delightful Portland, what else…

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Blogging is like losing weight

Not that I have lots of experience at losing weight, but I think blogging is like losing weight. The temptation when you are dieting is to check the weigh scales too often, then you berate yourself because you haven’t lost … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Welcome to Tofino Photography:
You can almost smell the salt in the air, and mornings by the water are heart medicine. Welcome to Tofino Photography View original post

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I can’t find the reset button

I can’t find the reset button.  No going back to fix the mistakes I made, I can only apply my experience going forward, and share it with others.  I am sure I would just make different mistakes, so no guarantee … Continue reading

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Live A Life That Matters

Originally posted on BASE girl:
Ready or not, someday it will all come to an end. There will be no more sunrises, no minutes, hours or days. All the things you collected, whether treasured or forgotten, will pass to someone…

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I’d rather have him buy me a Burger…

My wife likes flowers but not as a gift also. She loves a dinner out though, and I think she would agree with your post completely.

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Stubborn or Determined?

I’ve often thought of myself as a stubborn person, especially when I lose something. I become quite fixated until I have looked everywhere twice or until I find it. But this characteristic isn’t necessarily a bad one. I also don’t give … Continue reading

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