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Diesel – the Cat in the Stacks

What are you reading these days? Who do you recommend to your reader friends?  I enjoy relaxing and reading, and yesterday I continued my exploration of a new author, Miranda James – the author of the Cat in the Stacks … Continue reading

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Take a Risk, Take A Chance, Make a Change

Originally posted on THE VIBE 101:
Every journey starts with one step forward. I’ve been on a hiatus from the blogasphere for good reason. I’ve embarked on a new adventure along the road less travelled. But let’s rewind to the point…

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Don’t try to fix it? But I can fix it!

I really enjoy this video which hits the nail, pardon me,  is right on target on explaining what happens sometimes when guys try to listen. Okay, I don’t have any authority to speak for 2.5 billion guys, I got it. … Continue reading

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Stop making excuses

I think I will read this one over and over. No more excuses for me.

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If you don’t know what to say, talk Food!

People in my observation love to talk about food, even Canadians who seem to love to about the weather.  In a group, a get-together, whatever you call it, food is likely to become the topic people share most easily. My … Continue reading

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Welcome to Gratitude Sundays | The Happsters

Welcome to Gratitude Sundays | The Happsters. Such a simple, effective, and powerful suggestion.  Likely this is the best mood changer I use,  I count my blessings when I begin to have a complaining attitude. Gratitude Everyday!  

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Everything is not measured by results

This post is to make you think!  What have you done lately where you weren’t certain you would succeed?  Is there something you would like to try but are holding yourself back?  I think we all do that, so you’re … Continue reading

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The Secret of Leadership

What does “leadership” make you think of? Perhaps you thought of your work, likely you did. Perhaps you thought of a boss you had that demonstrated all the best qualities of leadership. (see my Toastmasters category for a post about … Continue reading

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Room Service: Best Chicken Marinades

Originally posted on International Bellhop Travel Magazine:
Due to the overwhelming success of our recipe for the “Best Steak Marinade,” we have decided to follow-up on that recipe, and give our travelers our favorite chicken marinade recipes. Chicken is such…

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Getting Naked with Strangers (in Korea)

Getting Naked with Strangers (in Korea). One of the benefits of blogging is that you learn about other bloggers, and read their writing. Today I read some posts of this blogger, and varied does not describe it. Check it out, … Continue reading

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