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Big News for NHL coaches, We can see you!

  I don’t rant often but now the hockey season is over, I will voice my complaint about hockey.   It’s not the players salaries, it’s not the violence, it’s not the season which almost lasts until July. It’s the … Continue reading

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One Is the Loneliest Number, One + One is Better

One plus One can mean different things. It could be a relationship discussion, or it could be about Paying It Forward (Good Deeds), or it could by me blatantly asking you to like and promote my blog.  That’s it!  I … Continue reading

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Slow down you move too fast, you got to make the moments last

Blogging can be difficult especially if you judge your blog by visits in a day.  I am thrilled when I get a lot of visits in one day and disappointed when the visits are in the single digit. I have … Continue reading

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Ride a Segway Scooter

Ride a Segway Scooter. {click link to a super segway story} I’m a little jealous, I admit it, i only  have ridden a Segway  for a few minutes and I loved it. This is to fun, story and the pictures … Continue reading

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Hug a Tree, Sing a Song, Put a smile on your face

A song by Tommy James – Draggin the Line went #4 in 1971. I would have been in grade 7, a good year as I went to school in East Vancouver, and lived life completely carefree I am sure. After … Continue reading

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Any achievement starts with a Vision

Do you have a vision? Are you starting a new year soon at school, or in a club? Even if you are in the middle of your career or involvement anywhere, I suggest a quick self examination. Just two points, … Continue reading

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Best Advice I’ve ever received

I received this advice in the crowd, listening to a father’s day sermon. By the way, I think I am repeating myself but it was really impactful, and how many sermons do you remember? Seriously, the message was about being … Continue reading

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Pad Thai Recipe : The “Authentic” Version

Pad Thai Recipe : The “Authentic” Version. You will be absolutely “blown away” by this blogger’s posts. She takes time to be very explanatory and includes wonderful photographs.  Very impressive and love her picture’s smile too.

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Famous Rejection Letters « Cristian Mihai

Famous Rejection Letters « Cristian Mihai. Check out the quotes and the famous authors mentioned in the blog above. I hope you enjoy this reblog! – Dave

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Not Kodachrome but lots of color !

I hope you enjoyed this post, thanks for visiting! Enjoy your day!  Click on the thumbnail images to enlarge !

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