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Fly Me to the Moon !

I was in Vancouver over the last weekend. We had a quick trip and it was nice, and the weather was great especially the morning we left when we visited English Bay.  When you are right down by the Burrard … Continue reading

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Speaking of Sand, Mirrors, and Beauty

I started on this blog post after hearing an interesting radio interview. A young gal, six months before her wedding decided to eliminate mirrors from her life for a year!  Really a whole year and that includes reflections from store … Continue reading

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The Bold Life Blog

Where do you find inspiration? We all need a little inspiration now and then. I hope you enjoy this inspirational link. This lady has a well known blog and it may be one you will bookmark. I have often heard … Continue reading

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Sorry Lady Gaga

Sorry Lady Gaga, not only do I listen to “old” music but I actually enjoy the music from animated Disney shows. In fact, one of my daughter’s favorite shows (for a brief time) was “Oliver and Company“. At about the … Continue reading

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Family vs. Friends

I started out thinking I was going to do a short post about the value of friends. Priceless I must say. I have been fortunate to have had some wonderful friends. Gradually as I picked pictures I also saw that … Continue reading

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The Year the Dragon Roared – Happy Birthday Dave! 8/09/1988

August 9, 1988 ~ Notice the numeral 8 in that date, almost 8/8/88. The numeral “8” is considered lucky by the Chinese.  Extremely lucky if you were born on a date with an numeral 8 in it, and in 1988 … Continue reading

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Enquiring minds have the world at their fingers

It amazes me still the amount of information on the internet. All kinds of things, I read my local newspaper, flimsy little rag that it is but it is also on the internet. It took me two seconds to bring … Continue reading

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Make your Fabulous Pictures Priceless !

Pictures are one of those wonders we are used to. We take them for granted.  Do you want to know how to make your fabulous pictures “Priceless”.  It is easy. While you still remember the names, the occasion, the year … Continue reading

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Sitting in the evening sun

August 1, 2011.  I was just sitting in the back yard enjoying the quiet, calm and peace.  It seems that everyone is quietly recouping from a busy long weekend of activity. We bbq’d salmon on pine boards, accompanied by baby … Continue reading

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