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Challenge Yourself – Dare to Succeed

Don’t you love it when you succeed, that sense of accomplishment when you have received recognition. Likely when you were young your parents chose what sports or musical instruments you were going to attempt.  You had to go, they drove … Continue reading

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Definitely Not Reality TV

What is it about tv shows now? No attempt at all at reality and I guess the viewers don’t care. The other night on CHUCK, the good guys hid out in the ventilation shaft again. Nice ventilation shaft, it must … Continue reading

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A Place to Live Forever

Of course I am talking about Penticton or snpintktn as translated from the Interior Salish language of the Okanagan First Nations, means “a place to live forever” (the commonly accepted translation) or “a place to live year-round”. The translation I like is ” A … Continue reading

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Thank God for You

Thank God For You This is a great video as the frontman jumps, spins, and sings. No jumping or spinning here. Never been too adventurous in public anyway. In my head I can dance and feel confident but not daily … Continue reading

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The Nylons was the best concert I’ve ever been to

I have to admit that I have NOT been to a lot of concerts. Some of them have been very memorable though. Some were great entertainers and harmony like  Three Dog Night, others I nearly fell asleep like Leona Boyd, this … Continue reading

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Words to live by

SCD – Stay Calm Dad is a cute story. How proud her Dad must have been that his 5 year old girl took over for him. Funny the differences between the sexes so evident even at 5 years old. Funny … Continue reading

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What changes would you like to make?

Allow me to introduce you to Africa. Africa is an uncommon cat; she goes from needy to reclusive in minutes. But look at that face. Look closely. She works at no job, and has not much in the way of … Continue reading

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Hooked On A Feeling?

uga chucka, uga chucka, uga uga uga  chucka.  You know how the song goes if you were alive in 1974.  Hooked On a Feeling by Blue Swede.  Some people talk in their sleep I think I must remember old songs … Continue reading

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Fishing in Mid Air or Cure for Hiccups?

Randomly I came across this entertainer. No one sent me a link to Mac King the magician. I was just looking around on (national public radio) and stumbled across him. I was actually looking for a discussion about gregorian … Continue reading

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Sages In the Desert !

This blog is about an upcoming event in Osoyoos, BC. The event is a May 2011 spring conference for Toastmasters with a theme called Sages In the Desert. If you have never been to Osoyoos, BC then what you need … Continue reading

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