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Thank you for visiting today. The last few days I have been riding my ebike and taking pictures. Often as I took these pictures I thought of how I would share them with you via this blog. I hope you like them. – David

I suppose every topic has been discussed on blogs. Here is one of my pet peeves – cigarette butts on beaches.

I totally get that sitting and looking at the view is relaxing and enjoyable. Perhaps even more so with a pipe, or cigarette regardless of the signs saying not to do it. If there are no other people around to be exposed to side-smoke then there would be no harm or little.

However, and this the peeve part, why leave all the butts behind? Do they think they are going to magically disappear or compost? I think I read that butts take 15 years to decompose because they are so processed.

Ignore the sign and have a smoke by yourself but pick up after yourself please smokers !

While we continue the battle on plastics, reports indicate that cigarette butts are the single most littered item in the world, surpassing plastics with 2 billion pounds of butts tossed aside annually.

Here’s a link about Littering & Cigarettes

It’s like someone who has a bottle of something, don’t leave your garbage or worse broken glass behind.

That’s it – peeve expressed but it won’t change anything. Oy vey.

Not all paths are paved, but many are still worth visiting.

One TV series I have enjoyed both on TV and on Netflix is Murdock Mysteries. This series along with “Still Standing” are ones I often recommend.

One character from Murdock’s Mysteries inspired today’s word of the day which is ” Bollocks “. – In the right circumstances you would use the term “bollocks” to express: contempt, annoyance or defiance.

Your assignment: Use today’s Word of the Day ! and don’t explain what it means, let them look it up.

I can only wish my feeder would have so many visitors.

It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you are ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything. There is almost no such thing as ready. There is only now. And you may as well do it now. Generally speaking, now is as good as time as any.

Hugh Laurie

Once again, thanks for stopping by – your ideas and feedback are welcome. ♥ – David

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Three Random Thoughts #8 – Potential, Fire, & Yarn Surprise

I am sitting looking out at the side of the Okanagan valley. Thanks for visiting !

At this time of year the valley is looking green. Plants, seeds, and gardening seem are in vogue right now. The valley’s gardeners all have awoken from their winter hibernation. Unlike bears, the gardeners are starving to see little green buds popping from flowerbeds.

My cherry tree has blossomed beautifully and the bees were buzzy at task when I checked this morning.

Thanks for visiting today, I hope you like today’s Three Random Thoughts. – David


Photo by Samson Katt on

Untapped Potential

In January of 2021 – CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) had an article online about literacy for adult Canadians. I just read it this week and it was quite saddening. Here is the article.

The article also said that some Canadians leave high school with literacy skills but they diminish after high school because they stop practicing them and as a result they fail to retain them.

I was shocked thinking that some adults struggle with ordinary tasks that involve reading.

It’s not just Canada either as I checked the statistics for other countries, Canada is actually one of the top countries for literacy but South Korea is #1.

Regardless of the percentage in a country, the sad part is thinking of all the Untapped Potential when people are working and living below their real ability, and for me, who loves to read, the idea that people are not enjoying the wonder and enjoyment of the imagination when reading.

I imagine many people feel shame about their literacy weakness and are good at “faking it” and possibly what could be worse is when their weakness in this area is copied by the next generation.

I owe a huge debt to my parents who encouraged my love reading; starting with comic books way back when.

No matter how well you read, I encourage you to read. I am starting a new book ” – see photo.

What are you reading?

Cover image for Pianos and flowers : brief encounters of the romantic kind / Alexander McCall Smith.Pianos and flowers : brief encounters of the romantic kind / Alexander McCall Smith.
What are you reading?



Just before the rain, my son and I spontaneously decided to have a quick fire at Skaha lake beach. We had the beach to ourselves and the clouds were ominous.

Regardless, we had a nice fire and my son braved the lake also, he actually swam briefly and then cautiously warmed himself beside the bonfire which sparked occasionally. It was our first bonfire of 2021, but I am sure it won’t be our last.


Yarn Surprise

In a past post I showed a few trees we were surprised to find while on a bike ride in downtown Penticton, this week I found this other tree near a park downtown.

A few hard working folks have continued on brightening people’s hearts with yarn surprises around the city; I thought it would be nice to share.

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In Two Days – Two Years!

Thank you for visiting today, I am both looking ahead and looking back today.

I know I could write much more about this experience♥♥♥

I hope that this post will refresh your own appreciation for the treasure that being alive and healthy truly is, and learn more about being an Organ Donor.

Sincerely, David

My last dialysis ?

Two years ago today I was at Penticton Hospital, having what I thought would be my last hemodialysis treatment. I was excited and confident, in 48 hours I was going to get my long awaited new kidney transplant !

It turned out that to be extra cautious I did another two hours hooked up for dialysis the night before the surgery in Vancouver Hospital, but my buzz of excitement wasn’t lessened at all.

April 24, 2019 my family gathered around my bed in excitement to wish me success and pray for me before the nurse raised the bed rails and spun me out the door to head down to surgery; 4 hours that ended up being closer to 5 hours due to some complications.

I had an iv needle in my right arm already, and they wheeled me down tunnels, took some elevators, and then I was there – surgery central. It was colder there, intentionally, and I waited outside the room for about ten minutes. I was left alone with my thoughts.

My biological kidney donor was being wheeled out a few minutes after I arrived, but I never met him/her – all confidential. I didn’t see that person at all but my heart reached out to say thank you.

My transplant was part of a paired organ donation chain, that donor was in Vancouver General Hospital because my donor donated on their behalf in Ontario on April 23, 2019. My dear friend and donor had made the heroic decision to donate in order for my chance to exist and a chain to be created.

It was almost my turn to go inside ! ♥

A few minutes later, they were ready in surgery and they wheeled me inside a small room filled with equipment and a team of doctors and nurses. They moved me onto a slab slightly wider than my hips. It was darn cold in there: they asked me my name, my date of birth, why I was there and my anesthesia was begun. I remember they seemed very focused and kind.

My consciousness vanished, not even dreams. ( A deep anesthesia ensures no movement and relaxed muscles etc throughout the surgery location.

I woke up in my room with my family there, and what a beautiful moment for me it was to look into their eyes, my wife, my son, my daughter, my son-in-law, and my Dad.

It’s now been two years since that huge day in my life and I am so grateful for the last two years of better health, my future health, and my longer life to be here with my family and many friends.

My family is grateful and deeply happy for the hope and future I gained two years ago.

My huge thanks to my donor, and all donors and their families; that can never be truly expressed in words.

My huge thanks to Vancouver General Hospital surgeons, the nurses, the anesthesiologist, the follow-up care for two months before going home.

My huge thanks to the staff in Penticton Hospital who keep me going and strong. I am so grateful

How has my life changed? – this is a link to explain what a difference a transplant makes.

thanks for visiting- I know many or most of you are signed up to be an organ donor! – David

Read here to learn more about Registering to be an Organ Donor



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Three Random Thoughts #7 – Dogs/Cats, WOD, The Challenge

Thank you for stopping by and investigating my post today. I wasn’t sure what I had to share with you today, and even as I post this, I am hesitant about the Random Thoughts. My equilibrium today is definitely all over the map. ♥

Beginnin’ to think that I’m wastin’ time

I don’t understand the things I do

The world outside looks so unkind

Now I’m countin’ on you to carry me through

Oh, give me the beat, boys, and free my soul

I wanna get lost in your rock ‘n’ roll and drift away

Hey, give me the beat, boys, and free my soul

I wanna get lost in your rock ‘n’ roll and drift away

– Drift Away lyrics (click here to hear Dobie Gray’s version)


Dogs Versus Cats

I hate disappointing the boss.♥

When I was a tyke, my parents gave me a puppy. Tiger was a wonderful companion and I have wonderful memories of him and his quirks.

Later my parents had cats and they were named Rusty and Tawny, and I enjoyed them tremendously but definitely a different experience from being a dog owner.

My comment regarding memories of Dogs vs. Cats is :

Dogs are our Best Friends, as opposed to Cats whom consider their owners as staff.


A Moment of Contemplation

Word Of The Day (WOD) – Taciturn

Definition: reserved or uncommunicative in speech; saying little.

Synonyms: reserved, reticent, secretive, and silent.

My Baba had a wall plaque of a fish on her hallway wall.

The fish had a hook in its mouth and below it read: Even a fish wouldn’t get in trouble; if it kept it’s mouth shut.

That’s my inspiration for today’s W. O. D. 🙂


The Challenge

What is the most important use of my time?

I believe that, and I presume you do also, that relationships are the top priority in all of our lives.

The challenge is not to waste time. Yet, it is so easy to waste time, like loose change falling through a hole in our pockets. But that loose change, that lost time is not replaceable.

I believe the challenge is to take the knowledge we have in our minds about the importance of relationships, and then translating that into action.

Actions I now have a larger appreciation of include; hikes, walks, board games, bike rides and sitting around a table outside together with family.

Thankfully my life is blessed with people and actions.


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Three Random Thoughts #6 – Crayons, Trees, & Moments


Today is Easter Sunday – I send out good wishes to everyone this year. It’s our second year in a row that the pandemic has loomed over Easter, and broke up family traditions because of precautions being taken by avoiding get-togethers indoors.

It’s understandable, as no one wants to be responsible for getting someone else sick, especially those who are especially vulnerable as am I since I am on immune suppressant drugs for my kidney transplant. But we all miss those family moments, and we look forward to their return, and believe they will.

Reflecting back on moments – as a youngster my Easter Sunday was brightened by Easter Bunny deposits of jelly beans and chocolate.

The Easter Bunny had always vanished before I awoke, but his trail was visible because of the jelly beans and little treats scattered in the living room. In room corners and under pillows we found the bright coloured jelly beans, and under pillows were little chocolate Easter eggs (in boxes♥).

I also have lasting memories of Easter Eggs of a longer lasting type, and sentimental memories they are. My Ukrainain grandmother (Baba) taught me how to dye and paint eggs with wax. These are the memories you make when you are young and only later in life do you realize how priceless the moments were. How irreplaceable.

I share them here in a past post and such wonderful times they were and that now I appreciate even more.

Thanks for visiting! – David

Baba’s eggs – my simpler ones are visible also in purple, black, and aqua blue ♥



Keeping with the Easter theme, recently I rediscovered how pleasant it is to slow down and did some colouring with pencil crayons. My masterpiece is below♥

It actually was difficult to not be multi-tasking, or tapping on a keyboard/screen.

After while I concentrated and it felt nice to step back from electronics which seem to dominate daily life.

I thought it turned out pretty good. ♥



Driving north from Penticton, there are multiple places to stop along the lake. I didn’t remember the name of this one but the view was spectacular from that spot.

I am glad I took the moment to stop and take some pictures when I was on driving “date” with my wife. Just a rolling date, buy some apples from a fruit orchard, drink coffee and spend time together. What a name for a park! Kickininee Park.

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Three Random Thoughts – #5 Elephants, Memories, Deloreans

Thank you and Welcome to another post in the Three Random Thoughts category. Forgive me since today I was a bit verbose.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy each section and take a moment to add your comments or thoughts for discussion. – David


A fun, charming and insightful book is this one from Alexander McCall Smith; another one that makes me chuckle out loud. I am reading page 124, halfway. It has already won my appreciation.

All these in the series are light reading, and enjoyable characters; nothing that will cause you to dream unless it is Mma Potokwane’s cherry cake. Don’t worry, she baked three and she will eat some with you and give you seconds. ♥

The main character is Mma Ramotswe who shares her understanding of life with simple truths, and her insights warm my heart and tickle my funny bone.

This is possibly the latest of the author’s “The New No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Series” – any of which I recommend.

Mma Ramotswe is a wise and charming “traditionally built” Botwana woman whose common sense and insights are uncommon.

Who doesn’t need a smile to perk up the corner of your mouth when you are reading – see if this book is available at your library.

It was not a complicated thing, kindness — we all knew how to be kind, and we all recognized it when we came across it.”– quote from How To Raise An Elephant


There are places I’ll remember

All my life though some have changed

Some forever, not for better

Some have gone and some remain

In My Life – The Beatles

Nearly 30 years ago I owned a house in the city of Ladner, south of Vancouver BC. I have never forgotten the joy of coming down the stairs in the morning.

The front door had inserts of glass that I will describe as crystal-like. The front door faced east and the morning sun lit up the main floor with rainbows wall-to-wall-to-wall.

Sunny mornings when I came down the stairs I was positively affected by the sunlight and rainbows.

When the light shone through, it created beautiful colours, and it was so cheerful.

No wonder that I have never lost that memory of coming down the stairs.

I would say the same for certain people. Certain people are rainbow givers. These are the people you can close your eyes and see their faces, hear their voices, and they are unforgettable.

The rainbow on the walls I saw is like the lift those rainbow givers give your spirit when you spend time with them or maybe even think of them.

The Beatles – In My Life – Youtube video 2:35 – Watch Here


My walks this winter meant my head was covered by a toque, and and my hands wearing mittens. Sometimes though I took pictures and listened this winter to podcasts.

I was listening to podcasts from CBC. There are two podcasts I have recommended to friends – sure bets. Don’t miss out on these two.

An old friend is how I think of “Under The Influence: Interesting stories, and trivia. I always learn something and am entertained.

 It premiered on January 7, 2012 on CBC Radio One and currently has over a million radio listeners per week as well as over 25 million podcast downloads.

I have discovered a new podcast which I am excited to share about called: We regret to Inform You. Fascinating stories about people you know.

Podcast description:

The fascinating stories of successful people who triumphed over debilitating career rejection.

And the insights those rejections provide.’

But it is their stories of rejection that are interesting, really amazing. Stories where over and over, dozens of times even they are rejected. After all those rejections all of them doubted themselves but still tried. Now they are household names.

Rejection – it was the best thing to happen, ask Lady Gaga! or Katy Perry! or Sara Blakely! Link is here.


You might like this Rejection Podcast: Rejecting Back To The Future

Click the blue here to check it out. ♥Back To The Future sits proudly in the Library of Congress National Film Registry as a work of enduring importance to American culture.

But nearly 40 years ago when Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis first wrote the script, it was rejected. 40 times. Join us this week at the Twin Pines Mall as we tell the film’s incredible story. From being told by studios it was “too sweet” for the rebellious ‘80s youth to becoming a billion dollar franchise.

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