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September has flown by and it is almost at an end. The warm days here (up to 25 C) and the cooler evenings (14 C) are a wonderful combination for outdoor walks and sweet slumbers.

I have been jotting down blog ideas but whenever I sit down at the computer there always seems something else that I should do, I am so far behind at reading my favorite blogs I have had to delete to try to keep my inbox from being too intimidating.

Today I will share some lyrics and link at the end because I was out cycling and some lyrics of some Disney movies came to mind.

This is not a movie that stood out to me, until today, when I watched and listened to “NOBODY ELSE BUT YOU”

I believe that there are some songs that we “absorbed” when we were young and we just never forget, eh? (Just a spoonful of sugar, helps the medicine…….)

There are times you drive me, shall we say, bananas
And your mind is missin’, no offence, a screw

None taken

Still, whatever mess I land in
Who is always understandin’?
Nobody else but you

Growing up on Sunday nights there was the “Wonderful World of Disney” with Walt Disney himself opening the evening with a few words. After his welcome was always an hour of entertainment, possibly a narrated nature show about Charlie the cougar. Whatever the show, it was something the family could watch together, and it was never R rated, or 14+ or 18+.

Goofy: Oh, your moodiness is now and then bewilderin’
And your values may be, so to speek, askew



Who deserves a hero’s trophy as we face each “catastro-phee”?
Nobody else but you

Nobody else but you

It’s just our luck
We’re stuck together

Nobody else but you
Is crazy enough to believe we’ll come through

“Nobody Else But You” – Bill Farmer (The Goofy Movie)

I hope you thought a few of your favorite Disney songs, that you will never forget.

I would love to know which Disney movie songs you listened to more than once.

Enjoy your day, thank you sincerely for visiting. ♥- David

P.S ♥ – I loved “Oliver and Company” – some amazing songs. I wrote about it before so you might have already seen this post HERE.

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Moments in the Sun

Thank you for visiting today, I look forward to hearing from readers. I am always grateful when someone tells me that they read my blog as the nature of the blog writing is little bit like putting a note in bottle and throwing it into the ocean. The writer always wonders who found the bottle and if they found it, if the writer will ever know who?

I have been missing moments in the sun lately due to the forest fire smoke in the Okanagan. Today the skies partially cleared and I was able to get out and ride my bike for a nice spin.

My first topic involves steam and a bear sighting while riding the Kettle Valley Steam Railway ♥


August 9 was a day of steam and smiles as three generations boarded the Kettle Valley Steam Railway ( KVSR) in Summerland. Some track still remains thankfully so that the volunteers and staff of the KVSR can still relive the experience with their passengers.

It’s a trip to remember on the #3716 The Spirit of Summerland.

The steam whistle, the clanging bell, the sight of a black bear clambering up a bank beside the train – it was a morning of smiles.

Be careful which train trip you book because there have been train robbers sighted, they arrive on horseback and pistols but it’s all in fun for everyone. If you are interested in a 90 minute or 120 minute experience – you can learn more hear HERE.

Hear the train whistle and bells at the 40 second spot if you don’t want to watch the whole video.


I wonder if I should really end this post here on a happy note because writing this post did make me happy.

However I think it is worthwhile to add one more thought.

I will sometimes ask someone how their day is and their response is along the lines of nothing new, same old thing. I think you understand, they mean nothing too exciting happened.

I was reminded today that many people today could be wishing for a “nothing” day. They could be mourning, suffering through an invisible pain that no one else can see, feel or appreciate.

Just a plain glass of water is boring to some but to a person on dialysis, whose water intake is restricted, a plain average glass of water is a treat. A treat to be sipped and made to last.

Even a light breeze in a doorway, is special to a hospital shut-in.

In the bustle of life, I think it is important to remember and be grateful for the simple things, and remember what I take for granted, many can’t.

Rhododendron Flats


A quote to end my post today and wish you all the best. Sincerely, – David

It is better to elevate our words than our voices.

Flowers are grown by rain, not thunder.


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Three Random Thoughts #13 – Murder, Music, and Choice

Welcome to my blog “Life and Random Thinking” – I hope you will enjoy this post.

This post is another for the Three Random Thoughts category. – David


MURDER – A true history of sport, violence, and emotions but also amazing talent – the sport was tennis, the artist was a painter named Caravaggio.

He murdered his opponent over an argument in a tennis match. The murderer was volatile and extremely talented. Swords, illegal weapons, racquets and paint brushes were all common to Caravaggio.

Giovanni Pietro Bellori (1615-1696), gives a short but colourful description of the 1606 match, writing that the painter played ‘gioco di palla a corda’ with a young friend and that during the match they started hitting each other with their rackets.

Eventually Caravaggio drew his sword and killed his opponent. For his crime the painter risked capital punishment (bando capitale) and was forced to leave Rome, living like a man on the run, never to return to the city again.

A well known brawler, he assaulted many including a police officer, in May 1606 Caravaggio may also have been the most well known painter at the time. However after the tennis murder, he was forced to flee Rome to escape a bounty on his head for a few years. Ironically during this period many of his paintings included severed heads. !!

Judith beheading Holofernes (Caravaggio)

I saw some of Caravaggio’s paintings in a gallery in Rome, the paintings were so dark and violent but also amazing in their intensity. Links to more information Here and Here.


MUSIC – There have been many OHW (One Hit Wonders) and those hits are remembered by us all even if the band disappears.

Perhaps the biggest one of all time was in 1995 – “Macarena” by Los del Río.

The One Hit Wonder below had an interesting inspiration story, you might call it depressing.

The band’s main songwriter, Sherman Kelly, was inspired to write this hit song after getting viciously beaten up while on a Caribbean island holiday.

Recovering in hospital, he decided to envision a peaceful and joyful reality, and a song was born.

Everybody here is outta sight

They don’t bark and they don’t bite

They keep things loose, they keep things light

Everybody was dancin in the moonlight.

King Harvest – Dancing in the Moonlight


CHOICE – The streets can be a tough place to struggle daily. The quote below was recently spotted on a post in the Okanagan and shared with me. I don’t know the author, sorry. Whenever I read it slowly it tells a story. A story of crossroads, and found strength. – David

I found myself at a crossroads,

To carry on in fear or to stand in faith,

Today I do stand, where I used to fall,

And God gave me a choice, and I choose Freedom.



Manning Park, BC
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Three Little Thoughts #12 – It’s the Little Things

Thanks for visiting my blog “Life and Random Thinking” – today will be another post for the Three Little Thoughts category (I have a few different categories for my blog ☺)


Thinking about the Little Things that are so meaningful in our lives, it is not overseas trips, not expensive restaurants, it is the little things that make me smile. Small things that I overlook but would miss so dearly.

Little things that cause us, you and me, to Smile and pause.

  • Hugs to start the day, every day, along with a whistle to find one another in the house.
  • The first sip of coffee of the day especially when it my favorite creamer (hazelnut)
  • Chirping birds and seeing them hop around in the sunflower plants
  • At the end of the day I can relax, and sleep in my own bed and pillow.

I once spent a long time indoors (hospitalized) and when I finally walked outside it was a little thing that I remember – wind. I couldn’t just get in the car, I had to soak it up. I had missed wind.

Maybe something effects you the same – does the smell of cinnamon buns stop you in your tracks? Onions barbecuing on the grill?

I remember when I was really young, my friends loved my house. My Mom baked fresh bread nearly daily and there was homemade jam (blueberry I remember).

It’s the Little Things that you never forget but at the time you just experience and enjoy.


Video TimeView ♥ Guide
First 60 secondsRiding the KVR trail – gaining altitude in town
2:00Riding the KVR gravel path – Lake below
2: 45  approxShort break to smell the sage and rub on the scent
4:11 approxZoom over the McCulloch Trestle
5:04Poplar Grove & Naramata Road – only trail ahead
5: 30Big snake
7:10Railway Trail cut through rock
8:25  ☺Arrive at the Little Tunnel – Wow view
9:45Handheld camera – downhill and lovely view
A guide to the video above


Word of the Day: Lope – run or move with a long bounding stride.

In a sentence: I was watching nature videos and the fox, deer, etc moved so lightly on their feet – I thought that bouncing walk is amazing; I definitely wish I could lope like that.


It really is the little things that we can overlook but are so meaningful and essential.

Clean water, being able to move freely, a safe place to rest and the hugs of those closest to our hearts.

Thanks for visiting – David

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Wordless Wednesday – Does the title count?

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48 Metres Long and a Gobsmacking View

Thank you for visiting my blog, Life and Random Thinking, which I hope you enjoy and add your comments and ideas.

Today my post was inspired by a recent Toastmasters speech I shared; “From Rails To Trails“.

The speech goal was to inspire my audience to visit the Little Tunnel which is northeast of Penticton.

The 48 metre long tunnel is located high above beautiful Okanagan lake and the view is gobsmacking (a British word meaning astounding).

The tunnel was build for the Kettle Valley Railway (KVR) which no longer operates. The railway ties are long gone, but the trail remains along with the delightful easy-to-explore hiking and biking path.

Use this link if you want to learn more about the KVR.

The Kettle Valley Railway is now part of the Trans Canada Trail (TCT). Explore the TCT via this link. which is also very appealing.

In order to inspire my audience I gave an informative speech using Powerpoint slides which included maps I had downloaded from online and modified slightly.

The use of maps was essential, as pictures are worth a thousand words while my speech was limited to seven minutes and thirty seconds. LOL ☺

I hope you enjoy the maps and photos below. – David

A quick summary of the directions to the Little Tunnel is below;

BY CAR; You can drive partway to the Little Tunnel, drive about 20 minutes north on Naramata Road, turn left on Smethurst and drive up the hill until you find the parking lot that bisects the KVR Trail. You can park your car there and then you have a short 4.7 kilometre walk north on the path, a little more than an hour if we waddle like me. The trail is easy, wide, and the grade is mild.

CYCLE; If you bike to the Little Tunnel (much preferable I think) then you can ride on the KVR path starting from multiple points in Penticton. The ride is about 60 kilometres round trip, allow four hours, but the ride back into Penticton is an easy-peasy downhill glide. Maps abound that identify the KVR path in Penticton and you simply ride northeast.

I think you will thank yourself after you add this fresh air experience to your memory bank when you visit.

If you can’t visit but are still interested in seeing the view, here is a link to a two minute video taken at the tunnel.

You will miss the beautiful sage scent but at least you can see gobsmacking view. ♥ Don’t fall off the edge !

Let’s do this again soon ☺- David

Bonus ! – If you really really want to know what the KVR is like on a bike – this video is awesome. Link here

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